For some time we have been soliciting contributions of cover versions of the Sun Ra Arkestra song Nuclear War; a 7” anti-nuke single released by the Arkestra in the mid-1980s. For the weekend of March 23rd, 2007, in homage to the Yippies 1967 levitation of the Pentagon, we arranged, in pentagle formation, a series of five hand-built radio transmitters around the city of Philadelphia. For the entirety of the weekend we broadcast the accumulated cover versions that we received, sending these personalized missives against war mongering throughout the city for all to listen to as a means of sonic exorcism. As the songs regenerated themselves through the ears, brains, and psyches of the individuals who listened to them we began the process of casting out the demons of governmental aggression summoned forth with such vigor over the last seven years. Trust us, it's beginning to work.

On the Sunday of that weekend we , along with the kind and generous assistance of Aaron Igler & friends from Bardo Pond, set up space in Aaron's Sweet Green Hangout as a space for all to listen, play, sing, and shout their own versions of the track. The proceedings were broadcast around the area, along with the existing tracks.

Maybe we can do more of these in other cities? Would you like to record a cover version? Well, send us an mp3. We'll keep collecting them, and find ways to play them far and wide, casting out the deamon's as we go.