Ghosttown Clothing Exchange and Welcoming Center –

(338 NW 6th Avenue, Portland, Oregon)

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday - Sunday 12pm till 7pm

We carry about items with us everyday of seeming insignificance. Car keys and cell phones, a pack of gum, maybe. Clothing, with us throughout at least most of the day, is our constant companion. Accompanying us on our travels our clothing accumulates stories of our day to day life; the dress worn to the prom, the t-shirt you had on when you asked that girl out. Or, simply even, the pants you wore on that wonderfully sunny day last week. Clothing can be, as our outer shell to the world, a catcher of memories, or even future possible dreams we hope for.

The Ghosttown Clothing Exchange and Welcoming Center is a store set up to trade these memories between us. Sometimes we’d wish to forget times in our lives, or we’ve become bored with them, or possibly you are an extremely well adjusted person and are able to pass along material objects offhandedly without attaching psychic significance to them. Either/or the Ghosttown Clothing Exchange and Welcoming Center is here for you. The store has clothing of all kinds available – shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, T-Shirts, shoes – all with tags attached explaining the significance of the clothing items past wearer instead of price tags. All the clothing at the Ghosttown Clothing Exchange and Welcoming Center is free for you to take and add your own memories to; break-up’s, bad falls, hangover’s, first dates, first steps, and everything in-between.

Along with clothing the Ghosttown Clothing Exchange and Welcoming Center serves as a meeting point for Ghosttown. A place to learn about other goings-on within the project, how to find them, whose doing them, what they are, and how sign up for limited capacity events. As well, there is a reading area to learn more about Ghosttown, and selections of videos illuminating Portand history: both public and personal in nature.

We’re just sitting here. Come and join us.