Cellular Theatre

April 21, 2008
Here is the video of submissions we compiled:

Open Eight Track Session 2 !!!

April 19, 2008
Well it took us long enough, but here are the tracks recorded on the final evening at the VDC.
So many awesome things happened here and affected us all- these audio files are just one small sample of the experiences and community interaction that was inspired by the VDC!

1. John Schultz-Turkey Song

2.Erin Chiporo-Hebrew Melody by Joseph Achron

3.Hannah Thompson and Adults-Twinkle Bingo Scooby Doo

4.Paul Padnter-Wild Side of Life

5.Andy George-Coffee and Cigarettes

The Van Gallery

April 4, 2008
Another addition to the happenings on Saturday night:

The Van Gallery will be parked in front of Betty's at the South end of the Short North on Saturday, April 5th during Gallery Hop, pointing people in the direction of the VDC Copy Center.

An exhibition of Free Art History flyers will be on display, and available for people to take and distribute all over the city!  The Flyers will feature artworks that deal with unusual relationships with space.  The image here is a Free Art History flier about Gordon Matta-Clark's Fake Estates project in which he purchased tiny slivers of land in the NYC area.
Mark VanFleet, The Van Gallery

April Gallery Hop: Events at the VDC

March 29, 2008

Saturday April 5th (4 events) 6:00-10:00pm —-VDC’s Mammoth Saturday Send-Off —-

Sadly, April 5th marks the last evening of the VDC as its symbiotic partner, CCAD’s exhibition Exact Imagination, closes. We hope that the spirit and openness can be carried on by fellow community space Spore Print Infoshop. Please stop by there and visit. But before we eulogize too much, come and participate in these events during April Gallery Hop:

—-Taming the Beast: internet applications and free organizational tools—- 6:00-7:00pm

taming the beast.jpg

Artist and Ohio State University Lecturer Anthony Castronovo shares some helpful tips about free internet applications that can organize information and provide access to the wealth of information available online. This brief presentation wil precede the Make Art Accessible: Cellular Theatre.

—-Make Art Accessible: Cellular Theatre—- 7:00-10:00pm

Video Curator, and Ohio State University lecturer Anthony Castronovo will be segueing from his Taming the Beast technology talk into a presentation of submissions to his Make Art Accessible: Cellular Theater call for entries.


cell video still.jpg

In the main seating area of the VDC Anthony will be sharing video submissions shot only on cellular phone. This cellular theater will be playing in a loop throughout the night. In conjunction with this, samples of cellular video will be posted on the VDC web site. Come watch, stare, think and “dial-in”.

—-Umbrella Men Street Performance—- 7:00-9:30pm

During the gallery hop, local band Umbrella Men will perform outside of the VDC.


Come listen, pick up a cd, stare awkwardly, and enjoy before entering the VDC for the rest of the night’s events.

—-[OPEN EIGHT TRACK] Session II—- 7:00-10:00pm

While others are transfixed by the exciting cellular theater, sign up to record yourself in the front window because the VDC will host the second installment of [OPEN EIGHT TRACK] tonight as well. During these events, the space will exist as an open recording forum and studio. Microphones and a digital 8 track will be provided. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come in and record their voice, stories, sounds, and if compelled bring a guitar or keyboard and record songs. [OPEN EIGHT TRACK] is an opportunity for anyone to leave behind an audio record of themselves. In conjunction with these events, a mix cd of the night’s recordings will be made available upon request and samples will also be posted on the VDC web page. Come record stories, music, noises and yourself!


open 8 track cd case.jpg

CALL FOR ENTRIES at the VDC (Deadline Fri. April 4th)

March 29, 2008

—-Make Art Accessible: Cellular Theatre CALL FOR ENTRIES—-

art accessible flyer.jpg

Friday Night's IMA Gallery reception/Spore Tour de Dance

March 29, 2008

—-RECAP: IMA Gallery Reception—-

Friday night was a packed night at the VDC. Artists Dina Sherman and Jamie Boyle put on a performance as part of the IMA Gallery opening. With a face-gallery, and headless suit they mesmerized the crowd. Accompanying the performance were the delicious smells of freshly baked bread being made in the front window courtesy of artist Andy King.




—-RECAP: VDC/Spore Le Tour de Dance—-

Spore Print Infoshop and VDC goers alike merged at the VDC for a dance party that raged into the wee hours of 2:30am. Moderately reckless, but really fun, the VDC was the site of a spray paint wall, curtained performance and of course DANCING. Images of the night coming soon…..

Tuesday Night's Artist Circle

March 29, 2008

—-RECAP: Tuesday Night’s Artist Circle—-

Tuesday night, Kim Glover of Fresh Air Gallery hosted an Artist Circle meeting at the VDC. Artists definitely circled, definitely discussed and definitely blended their personalites and ideas into one interesting night. In the nature of the VDC, this meeting WAS the art and was a great success! Thanks to everyone for coming out. Here are some pictures from the night:






This Week: at the VDC

March 21, 2008

Tuesday March 25(1 event) 5:30-6:30pm —-Artist’s Circle Discussion—-

The VDC will house Fresh A. I. R. Gallery’s monthly Artist’s Circle Discussion hosted by Kim Glover from 5:30-6:30pm.

artists circle flyer march.jpg

Guest speaker will be CCAD’s own exhibitions Director Jim Voorhies. He will be discussing the VDC’s origins, involvement in Exact Imagination, and anything and everything ART in an open discussion with the group over FREE and delicious food from Surly Girl.

Wednesday March 26th (1 event) 2:00pm —-C.CRED Presents—-

Another weekly installment of C.CRED Presents via the magic of internet video-to-video chatting transports us to Malmo, Sweden and into the lives and ideas of the artist group C.CRED. Come down and listen, discuss and connect.

Thursday March 27th (1 event) 2:00pm —-Sam Gould Presents—-

Another weekly installment of Sam Gould Presents. Sam will carry on his presentations and discussions from Portland, OR via internet video-to-video ichat. Come in and listen, argue, cry and connect.

Friday March 28th (2events) 6:30-10pm

—-IMA Gallery Opening Reception—-

This Friday the VDC will host the IMA Gallery opening reception of work by Jamie Boyle presented by Dina Sherman. Artist Andy King will be making fresh bread LIVE at the VDC for Gallery-goers to enjoy.

small opening reception picture.jpg

small derrick gallery.jpg

Come in and enjoy, break-bread, discuss and marvel. Oh and look at Dina, becasuse SHE IS A GALLERY.

—-Le Tour de Dance—-

Come for IMA Gallery’s opening and stay for a DANCE PARTY!. Columbus’ new local infoshop and fellow community center Spore Print Infoshop will be co-hosting Le Tour de Dance with the VDC on Friday night. Those of you not already at the IMA Gallery opening, are invited to meet at the Statehouse (bicycle in hand @ broad & high) at 5:30 for Columbus’ Critical Mass.


The mass will bike around town and stop in at Spore Print Infoshop at 7:00pm for a small pot luck and movies. From there guests will bike-swarm down 5th to the VDC to join the IMA Gallery goers for a Dance Party into the night. Come down, bring your dancing shoes and cut a rug!

dance_steps.jpg Come on wallflowers. DANCE!

This week: at the VDC

March 17, 2008

Every Wednesday at 2pm, come check out C.CRED presents...

...a series of informal talks taking place across the virtual space that is the Internet using Skype video-conferencing technologies that allow us to link spaces in Malmo, Sweden, where the artist group C.CRED is currently based, and Franklin's VDC Copy Center in Columbus, Ohio (USA).

In Malmo, C.CRED has invited one or more friend(s) to come and have some food and drinks with them each Wednesday evening at 7pm Swedish time/1 pm in Ohio and present something: a project, a text, an idea, anything. The presentations will be streamed live to Franklin's VDC Copy Center in Columbus, Ohio.

WEDNESDAY, March 12th
C.CRED presents...
2:00 pm

Ola Stahl talks about his recent  reworking of a small section of piano music by French composer Pierre Boulez.
The presentation is followed by a performance of the audio piece by Ola Stahl and Carl Lindh.

Every Thursday, come see Sam Gould...

Presenting talks from Portland Oregon, Sam will also use live video-conference technology to hang out with us at the VDC!

THURSDAY, March 13th
Jason Wilson
2:00 pm

Jason Wilson; recovering know it all and aspiring senior citizen,
invites you to a discussion on religious experimentalism.
What would an atheist monastery consist of?
What kinds of sacrifices are really right for the new pantheon?
What kind of influence do we have over the balance of order and chaos
in the world?
Is Las Vegas perhaps a holy city?
If you could invent your own faith from scratch what would it look,
smell, sound, or taste like?

Help determine the fate of the Center for Religious Experimentalism.

Jason Wilson is a founder of the experimental SkatePunk Art & Housing Space Martial Art,
the founder of the group 0009, and the co-founder of the social mapping network, along with
 Di-ann Eisnor, Platial (www.platial.com)

THURSDAY, March 13th
Film/Video Installation
Karl Baumann and Pelham Johnston
Additional Video by Stacie Sells
Additional 2D Work: TBA

3:30-5:30ish pm
A combination of old and new technology, focusing on the
difference between film and video, or space and time.
The major two video pieces are Newclear (2007) and The Children
of Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner (2008).  Newclear emphasizes
the sensory elements of mediated reality, while ChildTNTFOX
analyzes the narrativization of politics and the disjunction between
the developing world and the virtual world.
The multiple film projectors then complement and recontextualize
the videos through their material and indexical elements as a
reference to the perceptions of the past. (Cameo appearance by
Orson Welles)

FRIDAY, March 14th, film showing:  The Devil and Daniel Johnston
9:30 pm
(rescheduled for this week due to snow) Sarah Weinstock would like to invite ya'll to come and watch this documentary. 


"Daniel Johnston is a manic-depressive genius singer/songwriter/artist, revealed in this portrait of madness, creativity and love.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a stunning portrait of a musical and artistic genius who nearly slipped away."  -description from the website: http://www.sonyclassics.com/devilanddaniel/aboutthefilm.html

There is also an opening you should check out before-hand at the Fort Hayes Shot Tower that showcases ohio photographers: (also rescheduled for this week!)

ROY G BIV Gallery presents ImageOHIO 8, a showcase of contemporary Ohio photographers, at the Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery from March 10, 2008 to April 18, 2008.  ImageOHIO 8 was juried by Lori Nix (lorinix.net)

The Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery is located on the campus of Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center at 546 Jack Gibbs Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Ralph Youtz talks Math

March 7, 2008
The relationship between math, art, and music, Pythagoras' underground history, and the meaning of life revealed!