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Cellular Theatre

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Here is the video of submissions we compiled:

Open Eight Track Session 2 !!!

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Well it took us long enough, but here are the tracks recorded on the final evening at the VDC.
So many awesome things happened here and affected us all- these audio files are just one small sample of the experiences and community interaction that was inspired by the VDC!

1. John Schultz-Turkey Song

2.Erin Chiporo-Hebrew Melody by Joseph Achron

3.Hannah Thompson and Adults-Twinkle Bingo Scooby Doo

4.Paul Padnter-Wild Side of Life

5.Andy George-Coffee and Cigarettes

The Van Gallery

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Another addition to the happenings on Saturday night:

The Van Gallery will be parked in front of Betty's at the South end of the Short North on Saturday, April 5th during Gallery Hop, pointing people in the direction of the VDC Copy Center.

An exhibition of Free Art History flyers will be on display, and available for people to take and distribute all over the city!  The Flyers will feature artworks that deal with unusual relationships with space.  The image here is a Free Art History flier about Gordon Matta-Clark's Fake Estates project in which he purchased tiny slivers of land in the NYC area.
Mark VanFleet, The Van Gallery

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