Ghostings: Discussing Ghosttown; Portland, Oregon (Anytown, USA)
February 24th – March 2nd 2006
Ghostings: a multi-sited exhibition concerning Ghosttown, or; Portland, Oregon (anytown, USA) will take place in numerous locations throughout New York City in public, private, and contested space over a one week period as part of the exhibit Reshuffle: Notions of an Itinerant Museum, organized by the students of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College.

Ghosttown took place in Portland for the month of January 2006. Through the project we hoped to rally the point that cities don’t get made, lived in, and re-made all over again, without the people who inhabit them. Ghosttown was about the happenings, overheard conversations, infatuations, cold breezes, and the like, that make our everyday, and build the fabric that our cities are made out of. Although the initial project focused specifically on Portland, it should be noted that Ghosttown is about how we all live our lives wherever we may be living: how we grow and adapt as people. To start this discussion Ghosttown (Portland, Oregon) utilized a free potluck kitchen, a storefront clothing exchange, and dozens of mobile projects that occurred throughout the Portland area.

For this week long exhibit through The Museum on the Heart on Your Sleeve we will present aspects of Ghosttown (Portland, Oregon), as well as re-present Ghosttown frameworks with New Yorker’s all over the five boroughs. Feel free to call our toll-free number (1.888.212.5652) for exact details concerning locations, dates, times, and exhibition content.