Learning is Fun & Dangerous /Call each morning for details on activities: 1.888.212.5652

1. Learning is Fun and Dangerous is an open formatted group-learning project, hosted by Red76, and activated in consort with various collaborators from around the globe. Involving readings, walks, meals, film screenings, presentations, field trips, and video and phone chats, among a multitude of other possible activities, the projects aim is the investigation of past and possible future models for alternative educational frameworks.

2. Why delve into such dark waters? As our country goes through such rigid, and lock-step, social meanderings, now more than ever it is vital to discuss means in which any and all citizens can find themselves engrossed, enthralled, and engaged in the world around them - looking for ways in which we may all enliven and progress our cultural environment and social actions. The means, and outlets, in which we choose (or are told) to educate ourselves are a core component in how our country acts towards one another, and the world around us. Asking ourselves; how do we teach now? what do we teach now? what is worth teaching? and how might we like to learn in the future? are a small, yet vital, smattering of some of the essential questions we can discuss with one another to find our way towards a better country; a country dedicated to mindfulness, pedagogical expansion, and a thoughtful forward thinking citizenry. Learning is Fun and Dangerous is a means to begin asking these questions. All are welcome.

3. In tandem with the workshop the participants will be creating a multi-formatted publication encapsulating the thoughts, interests, and ideas generated through the project. In an edition of 500, the findings brought out into the light of day during Learning is Fun and Dangerous, will be released as the second issue of the Journal of Radical Shimming - the publication arm of Red76's on-going initiative Revolutionary Spirit. As with all Revolutionary Spirit printed matter, the publication will be free of charge.

List of Core Participants and Presenters:

Ted Purves and Susanne Cockrell (Oakland, Ca.)

Kajsa Thelin & Ola Stahl: Alt.Space Network of Artist Research Groups (Sweden/England)

Matthew Stadler (Portland, Or.)

Stephanie Snyder (Portland, Or.)

Dan S. Wang (Chicago, Il.)

Zefrey Throwell (San Francisco, Ca.)

Michael Hebb (Seattle, Wa.)

Colin Beattie (El Tejar, Guatemala/Portland, Or.)

Reece Marshburn (Portland, Or.)

Center for Tactical Magic (Oakland, Ca.)

Sam Gould (Portland, Or.)

Gabriel Mindel Saloman (Portland, Or.)

Adam Kleinman (Brooklyn, Ny.)

Lucy Raven (New York City, Ny.)

Heather Watkins (Portland, Or.)

Sara O’Keeffe (Portland, Or.)

Jesse Kauppila (Portland, Or.)