Night Market is a working marketplace for small unregulated goods and services which will run from June 17 - September 30th at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, Massachusetts; Minneapolis, Minnesota; rural Wisconsin along the St. Croix River; as well as in print and online. Apart from the selling of goods and services, the market exists to create a platform for discussion regarding the merits of a flattening of our notion of what cultural production is, can mean, and could possibly organize around itself through the power of its shared economic indecipherability. 

Through sales of goods and services Night Market will fund and discuss the political possibilities of a united team of butter-makers and home-brewers, printers and itinerant lecturers, theorists and picklers alike. Online media and printed matter in the form of coupon circulars, newspapers, and books will be generated from the start of the market and beyond around its ideas and will circulate globally.

Night Market was initiated in conversation with James Voorhies, in conjunction with the Bureau for Open Culture's program I Am Searching For Field Character. The Bureau will host a beer garden by the field office along the Hoosic River every Thursday and Friday throughout the program. Every other Friday evening Night Market will take over the beer garden for a series of lecture/book launch/service nights called Bartleby's Pen.

Inspired by Herman Melville's reluctant Wall St. legal copyist, Bartleby, the Scrivener (the short story was written just up the road from Night Market N. Adams at Melville's farm, Arrowhead, in Pittsfield, MA.), Bartleby's Pen brings in artists and writers to discuss a topic of their choosing along with the local beer service in the beer garden. Publication Studio MRCC will be collaborating with each lecturer in producing a book for the evening relating to their lecture topic. Sales from beer and books go towards the evenings lecturer. Bartleby's Pen, apart from directly fostering a lively environment of beer, books, and ideas, aims towards asking those in attendance to consider the parallels between various platforms of the service industry, from lecturer to bartender.