Radio Transmitter Building Workshop with Lee Montgomery of Neighborhood Public Radio... Wed. March21st 2007 @ ICA Philadelphia

As traditional radio formats seem to be going out of style, we should consider this an opportune moment to take advantage of a potentially malleable outlet - a hijackable form whose very nature can quite effectively be used to organize vast amounts of individuals, that is also cheap and accessible to almost all of the public at large.

Though web broadcasting has the ability to be a very effective tool, internet radio, at this stage, is prohibitive in a number of ways; one must own a computer, have access to a high-speed connection, and pay for a reliable webcasting server, among other concerns. Further still, your broadcast may have the opportunity to stream all over the globe, but to whom? And in what context? Radio is there for all, to focus on pinpointed community concerns, and is absolutely cost effective - you can build your own transmitter for under $3.00, and, at this point, people are practically giving radios away.

With these thoughts in mind, we asked Lee Montgomery from our friends at Neighborhood Public Radio in Oakland to join us in Philadelphia to lead a radio transmitter building workshop in tandem with 72hr. Nuclear War. On March 21st, 2007 we converged in LURE's Sweet Green Hangout laden with diodes, wires, clippers, and soldering guns galore. Over the course of the evening we informed close to thirty workshop attendees on how to build their own radio transmitters. The workshop, as well as all the material provided, was free of charge. At the end of the night each of the guests left with a working transmitter, fitting snuggly inside a used Altoids tin, set to broadcast to thier hearts deisre.